Benjamin Davis

Benjamin joined Octopus in 2010 and is CEO of Octopus Real Estate. Benjamin also chairs the Investment Committee and is a member of the Octopus Group Executive Committee.

Mike Adams

Mike is Chairman of Octopus Real Estate’s healthcare business; he has been with the healthcare business since it was established in 2005.

Kevin Beirne

Kevin leads Octopus Real Estate’s retirement living activities, including investments, partnerships and our retirement funds.

Shay Ramalingam

Shay joined Octopus in 2012. Shay works in origination, investment and in partnership portfolio companies.

Jayne Shawcross

Jayne joined Octopus in 2017 and is the Head of Marketing for Octopus Real Estate.

Anna Philbrick

Anna heads up all people aspects of Octopus Real Estate, including the recruitment and development of our team.

Tim Campbell

Tim is the Transactions Director in the retirement living activities of Octopus Real Estate